Who is that sitting down under the Weeping Willow tree? Let's see, it's 3:00 and snack time for the birds, so that must be Grandpa feeding them. He brings the rye bread and the birds love the seeds in it.

We all know that Grandpa is the smartest man

This pretty little bird is a very special gift from some especially nice people I now call my friends.Thanks,
Tim and Jeanette

It's starting to rain. Every garden needs rain and sunshine to make the flowers grow. I think we can find something to do while we stay inside.
Come on-- letís go on in and visit these Gardening Sites ?

Allen Smith.com

Rebecca's Garden

Cyndi's Catalog of Garden Catalogs

The Gardener's Network

Home Page for Irises

Kathie's Herb Page

National Gardening Association

Fine Gardening Online

The Info Service~Garden Links

Our Potting Shed


The Garden Path

The sun is shining and there's still a little bit of rain. Oh, look at the rainbow, there are so many colors. It just makes you feel like you're special when you see a rainbow. It's one of the little thrills of life.

Come see the Rainbow

"Rainbows World"

Why don't we go in and see what all of our other friends are doing? We don't see them as often as we should. These are some very good Printing sites.

~Kat's Links For Your Printer~

Cassieís Web Tv Printable Stationary



D & W Printable Links And More 1

Angelís Printers Paradise


These are our new neighbors and we would like to thank them for helping us Identify all the Birds in our yard.

Native Songbirds in Color and Sound

Wild Birds-How to Identify Your Backyard Birds

Wild Bird Photography Library

Wildbirds.com...Feeder & Yard Birds

Peterson Online

Backyard Birdlist

Backyard Birding

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