When we first got our Web we needed help with our E Mail These are some really nice people who found their way into our Garden

~Mandi's Place~

How to use HTML in webtv e-mail

The Professer~ Basic Signature Help

Prariedawg’s Back-Yard

Gifs on Ice~~E Mail & Web TV Gifs

Mike Shaikun’s Annimated E Mail Gifs

Quick Sigs

E Mail Sigs F Keys

Annies E Mail Sigs, Supplies & Tips

E Mail Signature Sites

Here’s a yellow friend of ours, just going from flower to flower

Pink roses, so beautiful to look at. I think we should rest here and and just sit and think about all the wonderful places we’ve been today. How’s that sound?

You can pick some flowers to take home with you if you like

Gardening and Flowers, that’s what we love. Come let’s pick loads and loads from all these Gif Sites

Kathy’s Garden of Roses

Anne's Garden Graphics

Flamin's Florals

Free Clip Art : Gardening

Free Flower Clip Art Gifs Borders and Backgrounds

Flower and Bird Icons

Heather's Flower & Garden Gifs

Katie's Gifs Galore!

The Flower Boutique

Shrubbery’s Graphics Garden

Marneys Place--Flower Gifs

GranGran’s Flower Graphics

Lovely Lindas Roses

Garden of Eve

Look where all the Butterflies are coming from

Jeff & Traceys

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