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Look isnít that Anne over there? Yes it is, lets go say hi to her. Lets go to the next page to see how she is doing. We havenít seen her in a long time.

Anneís Place

That was so nice of Anne to invite us to stay a couple of weeks. It probably would take us that long to see all the flowers, watering cans, and the baskets she has. Oh, and I really do like those backgrounds for the children and also the floral ones.

Beverly sent this to Bluebird and myself. She really knows what we like, if you go in here you might never come back out. There is almost any kind of animated gif in here that you can imagine

Animation Library

Oh look !....there's the "Cottage"
We love to go in and look around the
"Attic", "Yard", "Basement", "Garage", "Garden", & the "Kitchen"
There are sooooo many Gifs in here, we never know what we will find

The Cottage

Hereís a little friend of ours that comes to the birdfeeder at 7:30 every night. I think he likes the quiet time while no other birds are around.

~The Nest Box

When we planted the crabapple tree in the front yard we hung this birdcage in it. You canít imagine how many different birds use this house. Itís amazing how they all get along together.

~Our Garden: A Homeowners Guide

On our stroll through the garden we stopped by to thank all the people who helped us when we made this page. It was made with WebTv
If we didnít have their help we couldnít have made these pages.

~Web Monkey's~How To Build Websites

~Annie's Simple Guide to Homepage Design

~Pagebuilder Help--Newsgroup

~CountryBlue's Great Help Links Page

~Bruce's Willing To Help

~Beth Candyís Web Tv Help Pages

~Templar 4's Beginners Web Tv Help Pages

~Owens4 Tools

~Alphabetical alt.discuss Groups List

~Michele's Favorite WebTv Links

~Web Tv Pagebuilder Help

~Wintermists Tutiorals

~Web Tv Junky~Best colors for text use

~Help for WebTv Users

~Bruce's Web TV Tutiorals

~Clubs.Public.Website.Pagebuilder.{ Secretadmirer

~New To Web TV Help

Roses with all their beauty bloom into creamy splendors. Donít pick this one, itís too beautiful. Lets just sit here awhile to look at the flower and have a little lunch at the same time.

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