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Sites that use my "Designs"


I am proud to say that this list has gotten so long
that I could no longer keep it on my main site.

I needed to update & reorganize my site
so that it could load faster & easier.


Sites that use my "Designs"

~Melody's Creative Catering~
{ Connecticut Catering }

~Tracey's Butterflies~
{ P.S. My main user & Friend }

~Maxie's Little Nest~
{ My Great Supporter and Good Friend }

{ Shih Tzu Show Dogs }

~Aimee's Gifts~
{ Aimee's Gifts }

~Designs Sew Fine~
{ Beautiful Designs to stitch & sew}

{ Robyn's Family Genealogy site }

~Cindy's Biz~
{ Cindy's Personal Website }

{ Karen's Personal Website }

{ Robin's Personal Website }

{Wonderfully done site about her Family, Country, Pets,
Compassion for others, Poetry, Recipes }

~After A While~
{ Casey has great Links,
be sure to visit his halloween site }

~Sandy's Websites~
{ Beautiful Family Pics & Great Links }

~Marcy's Gif Bonanza~
{ Visit her great collection }

~Terri's Websites~
{ Book Author,Poetry,Personal Website }

~The Blue Lady's Passport~
{ Her selection of "Cultural Links" are worth a visit}

~Freda's Heaven Sent~
{ Poetry }

{ Dolls reborn into beautiful life like babys }

~Jene's World~
{ Poetry & 3D Pictures }

~Vicki's Visions~
{ Poetry }

~Rye's Corner~
{ Poetry }

{ Karen's Weight Loss Journal }

~Lorraine's Midi Page~
{Lorraine has a great collection of songs}

~Debra Sue~
{ Beautiful Poetry }

~Dave's Backgrounds~
{ Great Collection }

~Blue Mist~
{ Beautiful Poetry, Stories, F Keys }

{ Personal Family Site }

{ Personal Website }

{ Personal Website }

{ Beautiful Inspirational Friendship Greetings To Send}

{ Sturges Family Website }

{ Inspirational Website }

{ Mothers Quotes & Poems }

~Barb & Bill~
{ Gifs, Backgrounds, Web Designing Service }

{ Beautiful Poetry }

{ Signatures Organic Skin Care, Anti-aging Skin Care, All Natural Skin Care }

~Molly's Cloverdale Yorkies~
{Molly's little "Pride & Joy's }

{WebTv signatures, Beautiful full page Greeting Cards, Family page }


I hope to see you at any of my other sites

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