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Thank you for wanting to link our webpages to yours by useing our banners.

It is our pleasure to have you as

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Please use the codes below:

You may resize to suit your needs.

Although, you may want to upload the banners so they will link better.

Please do not link to them directly as they tend to disappear

~Just cut, copy & paste it to your pages.~

<a href=""><img src="" height=100 width=288></a>

~~This is what the code will look like~~

<a href=""><img src="" height=125 width=300></a>

~~This is what the code will look like~~

And if you would like to just use the text version

This would be the code:

<a href="">~~Bluebirds Garden~~

~~And this is what it wold look like~~

~~Bluebirds Garden~~

Please visit our Home and there you will find an Index of all our pages.

You will find Christmas pages and Butterfly sites.

Be sure to stop by and pick up some Butterflies to take home with you

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