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During my "learning" how to work with PSP, I have collected various websites.
I "Saved" almost every site I could find & added them to my "favorites" folders.
Needless to say, those folders really filled up fast.
And got out of hand
Too many for my folders,
I had decided to make this site & add them all here.
Now I have them all under control....ha,ha,ha....Yea Right

This page is "Dedicated"
to all the wonderful people who have designed PSP sites.
Their fantastic talent & generosity, have helped so many people
who need instructions and samples.

I can't
all these people enough for the help I have gotten from them.

This is my way of showing them how much I appreciate them,
by linking to them, and sharing their sites with you.
From each & everyone of these sites,
I have recieved knowledge in one form or another.

Please come in & enjoy yourself.
I know you will learn so much from these wonderful people.

Please do not copy their tutorials,
because they have worked very hard & long on these sites.
I have listed all these sites,
hopeing that they will help you as much as they have helped me.

Enjoy this "Long" List,
it keeps getting longer & longer everytime I get on the internet...ha,ha

Take some "Free" online classes

WebTech University



A Beginners Guide To PSP 7

PSPUG Main Tutorials

Arizona Kate's 7


Getting Started In PSP 8


PSP Toybox

Paint Shop Pro Tutorials


Marvelicious Designs

Anne Gerdes

Gardendale Designs

Jan's Designs

Sandy's Graphics

Pinoy VII

P Ann's Place


Ivy's Graphics

Lealana's Tubes

Gentle Impressions

Fall Leaf Tubes

Majestic Artistry

Tubes By Jan

Free Snow Globe & Bases

Ginny's Designs

Mar's Jumbo Tubes

Dazz's Tubes

Sealights PSP Tubes

John's PSP Tubes

Pygal's Tube Links Tubes, Brushes, Presets

Yvonne's PSP Creations

Tube Territory

Havasu Hideout

Tubes By Jadelane

JCW Designs

Moodswing's Free Tubes

Penelope's Tubes

Sandra Dee's Tubes

Kathi's Tubes & Brushes

Janet's Iris and Wildflower Tubes

Pati's PSP Tubes

Lori's Tubes


Mary's Tubes

CCD's Tube Heaven

PSP Pals

Arleen's Web Designs

Pixel Art By Joyce

Edda's Tubes

Castleberry Arts


Painting with PSP 6 & Paint Engine

The Tilly Garden

Mary's PSP 6 Tutorials

Whisper's Corner Tutorials

Lori's Web Graphics

Pati's PSP Tutorials Page

Deb's Paint Shop Pro Tutorials

Painting Foliage Texture

Roxy's....Useing Tubes To Make Seamless Background

PSP Text Effects

PSP 6 Tips

The Hood

Tutorials by Moon Designs

Joy's Tutorials

Tutorials By Tye

State of Entropy

Tutorials by Candeekis

PSPUG Tutorials

Tephras Paint Shop Pro Tutorials

Basic PSP Tutorials

Cathy's Corner PSP Links

Graphic Buds Tutorials

PSP 7....can adapt to PSP 6

Tutorials By Digital Aspects

Julie's PSP Tutorials

Jan's Tutorials

Purrcat Designs

Khiba's PSP 7, 8, 9 & 10 Tutorials

PSP 8 Tools & Menus

Jinny's Place

Single Items To Make

Snowman Joy with Candy Canes

Birdhouse Clock

Making Masks from Dingbats

Picket Fence

Plaid Background

Christmas Candle

Vector Scarecrow


Brushes & Tutorials


Simple Filter


Viewlets are like "Little Movies" that show you..
step by step instructions on how to
make a graphic, fix problems, and even on how to use your tools.
These are wonderful places to learn PSP

6th Dimention...Viewlets

Filters & Plugins


Lori's Web Graphics

Super Blade Pro

Web Graphics On A Budget- BladePro

Eye Candy


Suz's Place PSP 9

Maegg Graphics PSP 9

Making an Ivy Vine


The sites below are "Listings" that different people have made
I have listed these here so you can visit their sites.
There is a wealth of PSP information online,
Sites like these, I refer to as a "Gold Mine".

Google Search: paint shop pro webring

PSP Toybox Links, Different Things To one

Michelle's Links, Fonts, Clipart, Tubes

Tube Links

Jasc Links

Clipart, tutorials, Links Links

Where to find...Dingbats Of Any Subject

PSP Tips